2013-2014 Pitzer Catalog 
    Apr 23, 2024  
2013-2014 Pitzer Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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The student of chemistry examines, describes and explores the composition, structure and properties of substances and the changes they undergo. This curriculum provides a firm foundation in the principles of chemistry as well as sufficient experience to prepare the student for basic research, secondary school teaching, the pursuit of a career in medicine, or graduate study in the field.

Advisers: K. Black, A. Fucaloro, D. Hansen, M. Hatcher-Skeers, A. Leconte, T. Poon, K. Purvis-Roberts, B. Sanii, A. Wenzel, S. Williams

K. Black: Organic chemistry; reaction mechanisms studied by computational techniques.
A. Fucaloro: Physical chemistry, especially emission and absorption, molecular spectroscopy, electron impact.
D. Hansen: Bioorganic chemistry; design and synthesis of self-assembling organic nanostructures.
M. Hatcher-Skeers: Applications of nuclear resonance spectroscopy in determining the structure of DNA and other biological macromolecules.
A. Leconte: Biochemical investigation of evolutionary intermediates.
T. Poon: Zeolite host-guest chemistry, synthetic methodology, reactions of singlet oxygen.
K. Purvis-Roberts: Chemistry of urban air pollution, primarily aerosols; public policy aspects of air pollution.
B. Sanii: Experimental physical chemistry; self-assembly and bio-inspired folding of soft materials.
A. Wenzel: Catalysis, asymmetric synthetic methodology.
S. Williams: Fundamental late-metal organometallic chemistry, mechanisms of basic organometallic reactions.


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