2021-2022 Pitzer Catalog 
    Mar 25, 2023  
2021-2022 Pitzer Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics Major

Requirements for the Major

A major in mathematics can be obtained by taking courses at Pitzer and the other Claremont Colleges.

A student must take a total of 14 courses for the Mathematics major, distributed as follows:

  1. Calculus (3 courses):
    • Three semesters of calculus (MATH 030 PZ MATH 031 PZ  and MATH 032 PZ ) with grades of C or better in each course. In some cases, a suitable score on the Pitzer Mathematics Placement exam, or Calculus AP exam, may be substituted for one or more of these courses.
  2. Core (3 courses)
    • Linear Algebra (i.e. MATH 060 PZ  )
    • Differential Equations or a Mathematical Modeling course making extensive use of differential equations. (i.e. MATH 102 PZ  )
    • MATH 055 PZ   - Discrete Mathematics
  3. Depth and Breadth (5 courses)
    Five additional upper division mathematics courses (numbered 100 or above) chosen in consultation with the advisor. Ideally, these courses will expose the student to the major areas of mathematics as well as provide depth in at least one area.
  4. Applications and Connections (2 courses)
    Two courses outside of mathematics that emphasize the application of mathematics or its connections to other disciplines: for example, courses in Computer Science, Science, Engineering, and History or Philosophy of Mathematics. These courses will be chosen in consultation with the adviser and normally will have mathematics courses from I, II, or III as prerequisites.
  5. Communication ( 1 Course)


Students will be recommended for Honors at graduation if their overall grade-point average is 3.5 or above, if their grade-point average in Mathematics is 3.5 or above and if they satisfactorily complete a Senior Thesis of honors quality. The Senior Thesis will be approved by the student’s Pitzer Mathematics advisor and normally completed under the supervision of a faculty member at the Claremont Colleges.