2020 -2021 Pitzer Catalog 
    Apr 23, 2024  
2020 -2021 Pitzer Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry Major

Requirements for the Major

Learning Outcomes of the Program in Chemistry

Students completing a major in Chemistry should demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Be able to apply knowledge of chemistry, physics and math to solve chemical problems.
  2. Possess a breadth of knowledge in analytical, physical, organic, analytical, inorganic and bio-chemistry.
  3. Be able to identify, formulate and solve complex problems.
  4. Have a mastery of techniques and skills used by chemists.

The major in Chemistry requires a minimum of 13-15 courses:

NOTES: MATH 031 PZ -Calculus II  is co-required of CHEM 121 KS  and MATH 032 PZ -Calculus III  is co-required for CHEM 122 KS . Additional electives in chemistry, mathematics, physics and computer science are strongly recommended for all chemistry majors.