2022-2023 Pitzer Catalog 
    May 26, 2024  
2022-2023 Pitzer Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Critical Global Studies

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Critical Global Studies invites students through interdisciplinary coursework to explore issues of power, difference, knowledge politics, and social justice concerns. By completing core course work, study abroad and a justice practicum, and language study, Critical Global Studies majors critically examine in depth cultures, indigenous communities, social movements, and nations in ways that challenge modern discourse.

“Critical” refers to various analytical tools and interdisciplinary theories students use to critique Eurocentric and other ethnocentric views, question universalist claims, and work effectively with multiple methodologies, practices, and epistemologies. “Global Studies” addresses global inequalities in multiple areas, such as the environment, public health, poverty, education, women’s issues, class inequality, racism, heteronormativity, indigenous issues, cultural domination, and ongoing colonization in ways that work towards exposing and ending social inequalities and other injustices. Ultimately critical global awareness provides a grounding for productive solutions to these issues, fundamentally transforming oppressive socio-political, cultural, environmental, and economic conditions, and individual and collective emancipation.

Majors in Critical Global Studies either develop a topical or regional specialization. As an outcome of study in Critical Global Studies, students develop skills to recognize the complex ethics and politics of construing meaning and building social relationships across differences. By linking classroom critical training with experiential learning locally in the U.S. and abroad, students will be prepared for careers in social justice movements, education, sustainable development and human development, social work or human welfare, labor organizing, grassroots and community-based or non-profit organizations, solidarity economics, human rights organizations, law, or public service. The Critical Global Studies major also prepares students for graduate study in international studies, law, education, history, cultural studies, cultural practice, public administration, social work, and other fields.

Major Advisers: J. Parker, L. Tongun, S. Snowiss, B. Sarathy.





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