ASAM 120 PZ -Sex Work in the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, and U.S: Race Gender, Nation

Institution: Pitzer

Description: Description: Are sex workers victims of human trafficking and colonial militarization? Are they active agents in negotiating with clients to meet their personal desires and economic needs? What is the relationship between sex, power, and consent? This course will provide a critical examination of sex work in the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, and Asian diasporic communities in the U.S. We will explore various representations of the adults and children who participate in sex work in these sites, and the conflicting ways in which sexuality, femininity, masculinity, and race articulate with global political economies. Lectures will provide historical and social context, but a more substantial portion of class time will be spent in discussion of the texts and films assigned for each class session.

Prerequisite(s): Please check course schedule for requirements.

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