WRIT 020 PZ -Writing Seminar: Representing LA

Institution: Pitzer

Description: Dorothy Parker supposedly called Los Angeles "seventy-two suburbs in search of a city," reinforcing a popular imagine of the city as a fragmented metropolis, where unbridled ambition clashed with visions for a good community. Yet Los Angeles is also imagined as a city of dreams, the epicenter of myth-making industries like Hollywood and Disney. This writing seminar engages urban histories, cultural studies, literature, and film to explore contradictory representations of America's most unlikely megalopolis. Throughout the course, we'll draw on the work of scholars and public intellectuals to intervene in debates about the cultural meaning of this fascinating and troubling city. For the capstone project, students will conduct research on any aspect of Southern Californian culture that interests them. Possible topics may include food cultures in ethnic communities,  L.A.'s alternative music or comedy scenes, or the representation of race in L.A. noir. Along the way, we'll practice strategies of argument that will make us more confident and sophisticated academic writers.

Prerequisite(s): Please check course schedule for requirements.

Formerly: WRIT 020 PZ Creative Nonficton

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