2014-15 Pitzer Catalog 
    Mar 25, 2018  
2014-15 Pitzer Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Minor

Requirements for the Minor

  1. One of the Basic Actiong courses; or THEA 004 PO -Queer Theatre Activism 
  2. THEA 002 PO -The Dramatic Imagination 
  3. THEA 020A PO -Theatre Crafts: Costumes, Scenery and Properties  or THEA 020B PO -Theatre Crafts: Lighting and Sound ;
  4. THEA 110 PO  or THEA 111 PO  or THEA 112 PO , or one of the THEA 115 series (Theatre History and Dramatic Literature)
  5. Two additional theatre courses, one of which may be the equivalent of one full course from half or cumulative credit courses in theatre;
  6. Two production crew assignments:THEA 052C PO  or THEA 052H PO 

The minor in theatre must be approved by the permanent faculty as a whole.