2014-15 Pitzer Catalog 
    Mar 25, 2018  
2014-15 Pitzer Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Major

Requirements for the Major

Theatre majors may choose one of the following emphases: a General Theatre, Performance, Design, or Dramaturgy/Playwriting (history, criticism, theory and dramatic literature).

  1. Core courses: 8.5 Credits
    1. THEA 001A PO -Basic Acting: Tools & Fundamentals , or THEA 004 PO -Queer Theatre Activism 
    2. THEA 002 PO -The Dramatic Imagination 
    3. One course in Mime, Modern Dance and/or Ballet. THEA 013 PO -Corporeal Mime  (half course) or THEA 014 PO -Corporeal Mime and Pedagogy , or DANC 076A SC  or DANC 076B SC  (or equivalent) and /or DANC 078A SC  or DANC 078B SC . (This requirement may be met by one full-credit course, or a combination of two half-courses, which can be in a single subject, or spread out among two of the three above)
    4. THEA 020A PO   or THEA 020B PO 
    5. Two of THEA 110 PO , THEA 111 PO  and THEA 112 PO  and THEA 113 PO  and one of the 115 series (Theatre History and Dramatic Literature
    6. THEA 189H PO -Dramatic Theory and Criticusm  [1/2 course]
    7. THEA 190H PO -Senior Seminar  [1/2 course]
    8. THEA 191H PO  [1/2 course]
    9. All majors must complete four production crew assignments by graduation. (THEA 052C PO  or THEA 052H PO )
  2. Additional required courses:

Students majoring in theatre are expected to participate actively in the department production program, Theatre majors are also expected to attend workshops, lectures and other events sponsored by the department as part of their educational enrichment. Declared theatre majors and minors must take all required courses within the major for letter grade. Academic credit is available for students involved in performance and/or production activities under faculty supervision. (See THEA 051C PO -Theatre Performance  and THEA 051H PO -Theatre Performance and Pedagogy , and/or THEA 052C PO -Theatre Production Practicum  and THEA 052H PO -Theatre Production .)