2021-2022 Pitzer Catalog 
    Jul 07, 2022  
2021-2022 Pitzer Catalog

Anthropology Combined Major

Requirements for the Combined Major

A combined major in anthropology (Sociocultural Track) requires at least seven courses, including ANTH 002 PZ -Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology ANTH 003 PZ -Language, Culture & Society  and ANTH 011 PZ -The World Since 1492 . In addition, students will normally take ANTH 001 PZ -Introduction to Archaeology and Biological Anthropology  or one course primarily in archaeology, biological anthropology, or material culture. A course on field methods (e.g., ANTH 105 PZ ) is strongly recommended. At least two courses for the combined major should be ones at an advanced level in anthropology that are particularly suited to the interdisciplinary major of the student.

A combined major in anthropology (Human Evolution, Prehistory and Material Culture Track) requires at least eight courses, including ANTH 001 PZ -Introduction to Archaeology and Biological Anthropology , either ANTH 002 PZ -Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology  or ANTH 011 PZ -The World Since 1492 ANTH 101 PZ -Theory and Method in Archaeology  (or the PO field methods course, or an approved summer field school). In addition, students will take two courses from the advanced courses listed in the catalog for the major; normally, this will include ANTH 111 PZ -Historical Archaeology . Finally, students will take at least three other courses in anthropology, chosen in consultation with the adviser.

For either track, up to two courses may be counted for both fields of the combined major. Where no specific courses are listed in the above requirements, the adviser and student will make a determination of what courses will be taken and the adviser will then circulate that outcome to the field group for approval.