2019-2020 Pitzer Catalog 
    Feb 22, 2020  
2019-2020 Pitzer Catalog

Dance Major

Requirements for the Major

Within the dance major, there are two areas of emphasis: Performance Studies and Movement Studies. The Performance emphasis, which requires technique study at the advanced level, culminates in a senior choreography/performance project, while the Movement Studies emphasis culminates in a senior project/written thesis which may or may not involve performance. Although encouraged to take technique throughout their four years, Movement Studies concentrators are not required to perform at the advanced level of technique and are advised to combine their work in dance with other disciplines. The department also offers a minor in dance

The following courses are required for ALL MAJORS:

  1. At least one full credit (or the equivalent) Modern Dance Technique
  2. At least one full credit (or the equivalent) Ballet Technique
  3. DANC 135 PO -Traditions of World Dance  (or DANC 101 SC )
  4. DANC 130 PO -Language of the Body  (or DANC 103 SC )
  5. DANC 140 PO -Composition I. Beginning Creative Movement Exploration  (or DANC 159 SC  or DANC 160 SC )
  6. DANC 160 PO -Anatomy and Kinesiology   
  7. DANC 192 PO -Senior Project 

Courses taken to fulfill requirements for the major in dance must be taken for a letter-grade.

Performance Emphasis-Additional Required Courses:

  1. .5 CREDIT (OR THE EQUIVALENT) DANC 180 PO/PPO -Repertory- 2 Pieces , DANC 181 PO/PPO -Repertory- 1 Piece 
  2. One course from the following:  THEA 020A PO -Theatre Crafts: Costumes, Scenery and Properties ; THEA 020B PO -Theatre Crafts: Lighting and Sound : THEA 002 PO -The Dramatic Imagination 
  3. MUS 057 PO -Survey of Western Music  or MUS 065 PO -Introduction to World Music  or other full-credit music course by permission (or   /MUS 110B SC  )
  4. One full credit (or the equivalent) in non-western Theatre or Dance
  5. Two production crew assignments

Movement Studies Emphasis-Additional Required Courses: