2019-2020 Pitzer Catalog 
    Feb 22, 2020  
2019-2020 Pitzer Catalog

Science Management Major

Requirements for the Major

Learning Outcomes for the Program in Science Management

The Science Management major aims to prepare students to be leaders at the interface of science and business and in related fields.

In addition to the general departmental goals, students completing a major in Science Management should demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Master the principles in their specific sequence/track (molecular biology, environmental biology, chemistry, physics, or other fields) and acquire the ability to apply them to solving problems including research questions.
  2. Master the fundamental principles of economics and accounting.
  3. Gain experience in the world outside the classroom.

Courses required for the Science Management major:

1. Core Program:

2. Areas of Concentration: 

All majors must complete an area of concentration track with a minimum of five courses. Representative examples are below.

  a. Chemistry Track

  • Chemistry 116L-117L. Organic Chemistry
  • Chemistry 126L or Chem127L. Advanced Laboratory in Chemistry
  • 2 additional upper-division chemistry courses

  b. Physics Track    

Please note that MATH 111 CM Differential Equations  is a prerequisite for most upper-division physics courses. MATH 111 CM is equivalent to MATH 102 at Pitzer, Pomona, or Scripps.

c. Biophysics Track

d. Biotechnology Track 

e. Neuroscience Track

f. Environmental Management Track

  At least 2 courses in this sequence must have an associated laboratory component

g. Public Health Track

Courses must be selected from 3 of the 5 fields listed below. Please note that some of these courses have prerequisites outside of the GE/Core program of this major.

  • Science (e.g., Chemistry 116L-117L Organic Chemistry and/or Physics 30L-31L General Physics for the Life Sciences)
  • Economics (e.g., 109 CM, 129 PO, 187 CM, PHIL180 CM)
  • Psychology (e.g., 81 CM, 103 PZ, 107 CM, 111 PZ, 155 CM, 176 PO, 185 CM, 152 SC, 188 PZ, 193 PZ)
  • Sociology (e.g., 86 PZ, 120 PZ, 170 PZ, ONT101 PZ, CHLT110 PZ, CHLT153 PZ, ANTH002 PZ/SC, PHIL155 SC)
  • Government (e.g., 105 CM, 106 CM, 114 CM, POLI151 SC)