2019-2020 Pitzer Catalog 
    Jul 30, 2021  
2019-2020 Pitzer Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Analysis Combined Major

Requirements for the Combined Major

Combined Majors meld two or more existing fields, with some modification of the normal requirements in each. Combined majors must be approved by a faculty member representing each field involved, following the principles established by each field group. Such approval normally must be obtained not later than midterm of the first semester of the junior year.

A combined major with Environmental Analysis must be approved by an EA faculty adviser, and comprise a minimum of seven courses, including EA 010 PZ -Introduction to Environmental Analysis EA 086 PZ -Environmental Justice  , EA 030 PO -Science and the Environment  and EA 030L KS /PO - Science and the Environment. At least four additional EA courses that meld with the curriculum of the  student’s other academic field and a relevant internship or field research project are required. Common combined majors with Environmental Analysis include EA with Economics, EA with Sociology, and EA with Organizational Studies.

Requirements for the Combined Major with Environmental Science (e.g., Environmental Analysis - Science Track)

Students pursuing a combined major with the science track of Environmental Analysis must complete all of the requirements for the EA-science track major with the following modifications: (1) BIOL 043L KS Introductory Biology   is not required of the combined major, (2) there is no Policy course requirement, (3) combined majors only need to complete four upper level environmental science elective courses instead of six, and (4) if a specific statistics course is required by the other discipline as part of the combined major (e.g., ECON 091 PZ Statistics  ), then BIOL 174L KS/BIOL 175 KS Applied Biostatistics   cannot be counted as one of the upper division science electives.

Upper-level courses should be selected to engage as much as possible with issues at the intersection of the two disciplines being combined, and must satisfy all of the laboratory, ecology, and earth science stipulations of the environmental analysis science track major. Subject to approval, the environmental science thesis may also be expanded to address a topic intersecting with the second discipline. Combined majors with Environmental Science must be approved by a Keck Science Department advisor.