2016-2017 Pitzer Catalog 
    Aug 19, 2018  
2016-2017 Pitzer Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EA 142 PZ -Ecological Restoration: The Claremont Hills Wilderness

Institution: Pitzer


This course explores the theory and practice or restoration ecology, with a focus on a restoration plan
for the Claremont Hills Wilderness. This wilderness preserve is located in the Claremont foothills, with
rugged terrain. The City has hired MIG Consulting to conduct a study and gather input from users,
residents, and community groups and to produce a Wilderness Master Plan. We will collaborate with
consultants to identify areas of the park that are best suited for ecological restoration. The course
provides an opportunity for community engagement, internship experience, and social responsibility.
Students learn the process of restoration theory and implementation through an interdisciplinary
approach that stresses participatory and student research. We spend substantial time engaged in
fieldwork in the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park.

Prerequisite(s): GIS experience, EA 31, or appropriate environmental science course.

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